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Tips for Preparing for Your First Shroom Trip

Magic mushrooms or shrooms, or psychedelics are some of the most known hallucinogenic recreational drugs, almost classified together with weed. Users turn to shrooms for a spiritual experience and to get on a trip, although not physically. Besides the typical high feelings, they have medicinal benefits like treating depression.

Purchasing the shrooms may be challenging at times, or you may buy from some street guys you may not trust. Luckily, you can buy the magic mushrooms from online dispensaries and some physical stores. For example, if you want to purchase shrooms, you can check out this store because Toronto locals say this is the place to buy magic mushrooms if you want a life-altering trip.

Here are some of the tips for preparing for your first shroom trip:

Ensure You Are in a Good Company

ensure you have trusted friendsDue to the effects that magic mushrooms may have on you, it would be best to ensure you are in a good company of a person or people you can trust. It is crucial to make arrangements to be with a sober sitter. The person you intend to be with you should be one who understands shrooms and has previously helped others through the trip in the past. Also, it would be best if you start with a small dose. The person or people you choose to be with on your first trip should be someone or individuals you know well and trust, and you are comfortable with.

Be in a Good Mental State

As you consider taking psilocybin mushrooms, you need to be aware of your mental state, and most importantly, consider your mental and emotional health and wellness both in the past and at the time of taking the shrooms. It is worth noting that psychedelics can aggravate latent or present mental problems. Although it relieves mental issues, shrooms may also cause psychotic episodes; thus, the need to be aware of any history of early onset of mental disorders in your family or other issues like schizophrenia.

Ensure You Are in a Familiar Environment

As you embark on your first psychedelic trip, make sure you are in a familiar place where you know your way around and have all you need. It would be good to have a clean place you can take your rest, easy access to washrooms, and so on. Also, ensure you have your water and some music. Most importantly, you must not drive and, if possible, avoid many movements.

With the proper preparations, your first trip should be fantastic and memorable. All you need to do is to start with a small dose and take everything positively.