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Beginner’s Guide to Growing Magic Mushrooms

As a beginner, it is crucial to understand that magic mushrooms can offer you an unforgettable experience. If you will get introduced to magic mushrooms, ensure that you know the benefits you will get. Note that different types of mushrooms can be a trigger, and this will lead to psychiatric illness. On the same note, when you are purchasing them, you can give SDC a shot – I can vouch and see different types of magic mushroom products you can buy. But if you want to grow magic mushrooms, here are the steps that you need to follow.


When it comes to the cultivation process of magic mushroom, phase one of this process will create a birthing cake. Ideally, this is when mycelium has colonized your jar, and if you try to turn it out of the pot, it will hold together as a sprout mushroom or a cake. That is why the first step in this process should be sterilized. You need to ensure that you get all harmful bacteria that are hijacking the inoculation jar. Therefore, ensure that your pot and the surrounding environment are sterilized.



The next step in this process is to inoculate the needle until it glows red. You need to understand that these needles are pre-sterilized, and this is one of the precautions that you need to consider. Immediately you sterilize your needle; make sure that you do not lay it down. Make sure that you continue holding it until it cools down. Later, shake the syringe to distribute the pores evenly.

Birth and Soak the Mycelium Cakes

When you are fully colonized by mycelium, make sure that you birth them and ensure that you place them in the fruiting chamber. In doing this, they will sprout the mushrooms. Ensure that you have large plastic bags or a larger plastic container with a lid and ensure that you fill them with filtered water. While you are soaking them, make sure that you put on clean gloves and wash your hands after the process.

Prepare the Chamber

The next step here is to prepare the chamber. When you prepare the chamber, make sure that you sterilize your container with a solution of boiling water and bleach. Ensure that you rinse it thoroughly with boiling water. After you have prepared your chamber, make sure that you put the lid and place the chamber where it will receive indirect sunlight.

Tips On Hiring An Asbestos Removal Company

Most of us know what asbestos is. In fact, it was even widely credited in the past for its reliability, especially for construction works. However, the glory of this substance is now long gone. Further studies showed that asbestos contains toxic substances that can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Yet, due to the benefits asbestos can give us including sound absorption, average tensile strength, resistance to fire, and affordability, most of the buildings, homes, and even vehicles that were built and manufactured before the 21st century contains asbestos.

It’s a toxic substance that has been widely used across the globe. Asbestos is present in cities including New York, manchester, Liverpool, Quebec, Sidney, London, Texas, Blackpool, Preston, and California to name a few.  Asbestos is very harmful that it killed an enormous number of people. That’s why efforts were doubled to make sure that this toxic substance will be completely out of the market. It was heavily restricted and banned for good. However, as what was mentioned above, most of the buildings that were built before the 21st century contained asbestos and therefore, this toxic substance must be removed and disposed of.

Danger Graphic

Dealing with asbestos removal and disposal must be done by professionals who are certified and qualified to do the job. If you are planning to get rid of the asbestos in your properties, you can visit the asbestos removal companies near you, or you can search the web and rest assured, you’ll find a lot of competent and reliable companies that offers this kind of service. In this article, we will provide some tips on hiring an asbestos removal company.

Licenses & Permits

Once you find your ideal asbestos removal company, the next thing that you need to secure is the proper permits and licenses. After all, it’s illegal to operate without license and permits especially if the job is delicate and risky like asbestos removal and disposal. So, for you not to get into trouble with the law, make sure that you deal with legitimate and certified asbestos removal company.


Reviews and references are critical to your search for the best asbestos removal company. You can roam around the neighborhood and ask your friends and neighbors if they can recommend any company and if yes, what was the experience that they have with the enterprise. You can check the web as well and look for reviews base on consumer’s first-hand account. Online reviews are probably more convenient, and you access a lot of reviews. On the flip side, some of the companies under the reviews are not within your location.

Rate & Fees

2 man cleaningIt’s ideal to contact at least three companies and compare their prices. Just make sure that before you decide which company to choose, you already did your research about them and their past projects concerning asbestos removal and disposal. Remember, the money that you can spare by hiring an incompetent company is nothing compared to the mess that can possibly happen if the company fails to get the job done successfully.

Insurance Policy

Asbestos removal and disposal is a very dangerous task, and accidents are inevitable. You must only hire companies with insurance coverage to ensure that if accidents happen, they are covered by an insurance policy.


Again, this is a dangerous job and accidents can happen. You don’t want to be held liable with the mishap that can occur, so it’s best to have a signed contract with the company that will work on it. Most of them will proactively provide a contract that will indicate the term and conditions of the service. It’s beneficial for you as well because you don’t want to be left on the blindside. If ever, you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, you have the liberty to look for another contractor.

Creating an amazing hardscape

Outdoor space development has been a great way for homeowners to improve the looks of their homes or properties. This makes a great extension for the living room. A lot of people, nowadays, prefer to host parties or events in their own yards, and if you have an exceptional outdoor space, then there is no doubt that you will get compliments from your guests.

There are so many things that you can do with your yard. You can use the most amazing landscaping and hardscaping ideas, so you will get an amazing outcome. And to ensure that everything will be done the right way, it is important that you hire the services of professionals.


HardscapingAside from landscaping, hardscaping can also make your yard look more attractive. And again, you have many options when it comes to this type of project. You can build a patio, or construct pathways all over your property using the best materials.

Here are some tips that will help you come up with a successful hardscaping project:

Pick a theme

First of all, you have to think of a theme. You need to choose one that best matches the looks of your home; something that will make the appearance of your house even better. With this, you have to consider the exterior of your home.

If you want to create a peaceful outdoor environment, maybe you can build a small pond. You can also have wooden fences and paint them with a color that matches that of your house. The most important thing that you have to remember when choosing a hardscaping theme is never to incorporate too many elements as this may ruin the overall outcome. As much as possible, choose something that is unique and simple, but looks very elegant.

Make a plan

If you have a wide outdoor space, you might want to consider doing things one at a time, so you won’t get overwhelmed. But even if you do this, it would be of great help if you plan for everything. This way, they will all come together once they are all done.

big nice gazebo

Hire the experts

Like what we have said earlier, it is highly recommended that you employ the services of the experts as this will ensure that you will get best results. Professional hardscapers are familiar with the job, and they will make sure that every detail will be done according to your specifications.

Tips To Get Discounts On Skin Care Products

With the changing economy over time, life is becoming more and more expensive. Everyone is looking for a way to save that extra dime and spend it on something else. Many stores and online sellers are trying to win customers by giving a better offer than their competitors. Most customers are not aware of these advantages. Most stores that offer discounts are witnessed by the huge number of customers visiting their stores whether online or physically. Nu Skin reviews on social media tell it all. People share their experiences with the company’s products including various discounts they get. To get advantage of this offers, the following tips will come in handy;

Tips to get discounts on skin care products

Improve your negotiation skills

make up brushesMost people are not comfortable haggling over a price. They just pay whatever is asked for and later grumble about the high prices. It wouldn’t have cost them much just to negotiate. You may be surprised paying half the offer price. This is because most sellers increase the sale price to give room for negotiations. So if you feel you are paying too much for a skin care product, offer a lower price and assure them you would buy it if only they consider your offer. You will both finally strike a better deal.

Find discounted alternatives

Every skin care product in the market has a substitute. Some products are more expensive than their alternatives due to their brand names. The only difference being their brands but are of the same quality. You would rather go for a cheaper brand and end up saving a lot and getting the same satisfaction you would have achieved from the expensive brand.

Bulk buying

heart on skinTo encourage more sales, producers give discounts to bulk buying. This is an advantage to customers because at the end they will still use all the skin care products bought. It is most applicable to these products because they are not easily perishable or can be stored properly to last long. This discounts come in the form of reduced prices, buy one get one free among others. You can also take advantage of stores clearing stock. They give humongous discounts to clear their shelves off goods that have overstayed or which they wish to get rid of.

Learn the price changes

Prices of skin care products are mostly determined by their forces of demand and supply. Take advantage of high supply low demand seasons to buy your desired skin care products.

DIY PPI Claim Or With The Help Of Experts – Pros And Cons

Payment Protection Insurance, or better known as PPI, is a type of insurance cover that can be extremely useful, especially if you have recently lost a job or if you are deep in debt. A PPI coverage is commonly offered by money lenders or banks to clients during the time of mortgage or loan. However, money lenders and banks usually employ strategies in order to pressure their clients into signing specific PPI forms. If you find yourself in a situation like this, your PPI can be mis-sold and you can lose a lot of your money. Once that happens, your best course of action is to file a PPI claim in order to mend the situation.

calculator and pen

Two Options

When it comes to filing ppi claims, you can do it on your own or with the help of a PPI company. This article will focus on the differences between the two, their advantages and disadvantages.

Hire A PPI Company


  • These companies are staffed by experienced claim handlers who know how the PPI environment works.
  • With their help, the PPI claim process is largely automated, which takes away the pressure from you, thus allowing you to focus on your other matters
  • A PPI company will provide an organized application, which will aid your PPI claim process. Keep in mind that this process is rather complex and that it requires plenty of knowledge and experience.
  • A PPI claim company will regularly update you on the progress of your claim and notify you of any changes.


  • It will cost you.

Make A Claim On Your Own


  • No Additional Fees


  • You will have to keep track of all the updates on your own.
  • You can hinder the PPI process due to the lack of knowledge in the field of PPI claims.

As you can see, the disadvantages of making a PPI claim on your own overshadow the single benefit. It is a fact that ordinary citizens are somewhat inexperienced when it comes to claiming their PPI, and banks usually take advantage of that so as to make the claim submission much easier. However, banks also have a tendency to slow down the process, by rejecting the complaints that are later upheld.

A Justified Fee

From all of this, we can conclude that the main disadvantage of hiring a PPI company is the fact that you will have a price to pay upon completion. However, keep in mind that this fee is usually justified, given how much effort and time it takes to handle these complaints.

Possible But Difficult

cartoon person graphicWhile it is no secret that there are people who have succeeded in claiming their PPI without the help of experts, it is also not a secret that it took them way more time to achieve a payout. This is mainly due to two main reasons:

  • They cannot spare enough time in order to complete the claim.
  • They do not know how to proceed once their reasonable claim is rejected.

In the end, there will always be advantages and disadvantages of making a PPI claim on your own or with the help of a PPI company. In order to make the best possible decision, make sure to base it on your personal circumstances and needs.

How to make your home better and safer

Our home is the one place we feel relaxed in, and therefore, we do our best to make it better in every way. There are many areas of your house that you can improve if you want to make it look better and also make it safe for your family. Here are a few tips to help you make your home better.

Walls – interior and exterior

Painting the exterior and interior of your house with bright colors is always recommended. Light colors do not absorb heat and therefore will keep your home cooler. For the interior, the shades like which or light blue will make your rooms look spacious and brighter, and you will not have to use the lights all the time.empty swimming pool

Decks, Poolside, walkways, and driveway

Most of us will have either concrete, asphalt or tiles in these areas. If your home is old, you may be noticing cracks in the concrete and asphalt. Tiles break rather easily too. You can consider using a rubber surfacing solution from Full Circle Landings LLC which can be used for any of the area mentioned above.

The benefits of rubber surfacing

There is a range of advantages to using this method than other and here are a few of them.


Rubber surfacing is often done with recycled rubber which costs less that concrete or asphalt. It is also a way of helping the reduction of greenhouse gasses because you will be using recycled materials.


The surface will be much safer than a concrete floor and in the case of a fall will not hurt you like a concrete surface. The material itself is self-draining and will not accumulate any puddles and therefore is great for the pool side.


Make sure you keep your garden clean. You should never leave it unattended for too long. You should consider trimming any trees, plants or bushes and mowing the lawn twice a month so that it does not get out of control.big nice house

Windows and doors

Make sure your windows and doors are well sealed when you closed them. This will help retain heat during cold months and the air conditioning during warm months. In case there are large gaps between the frames and the wall, you can attach rubber liners which are designed for this particular purpose.

It is important that you keep your house well maintained and not leave anything unattended. If you do, the problems will compound, and you will have to spend more for repairs.

Useful tips on how to choose the right concrete contractor

Building a new structure or even remodeling a certain part of your home may require you to deal with concrete. For example: sidewalks or pathways, walls, ramps, curbs, slabs, flatwork, patio design, staining, etc. It is worth noting that such projects are not as easy as they may sound. You would need the help of a company like Clark’s Concrete; a team of experts that can assure you a high-quality and excellent outcome. At the end of the day, you will realize that hiring such services is, indeed, worth it.

The need for a concrete contractor

Before you start with any project that involves concrete, it is essential that you look for a contractor first. Do not attempt to do the job yourself because you might only end up with a bigger headache. Even if you have the right tools if you are not skilled in this type of task, you are most likely to fail. You may even end up hurting yourself.

concrete contractor

Another problem that you may encounter is which company to go to. Remember that not all the people out there who call themselves concrete contractors or experts are really knowledgeable in this field. For this reason, it is crucial that you do your homework carefully.

Here are some useful tips that will help you find the right concrete contractor for your next home improvement project;

Check the experience and reputation

First of all, you need to look for a concrete contractor or a company that has years of experience in this particular job. Make sure that they have a good reputation too, which means that their previous customers were happy with the services that the contractors have delivered to them.

You can check the experience and reputation of a specific company by going to their website. Go through their portfolio and see how their previous projects were. Moreover, take the time to read the reviews or feedbacks left by their customers in the past.

hands on laptop

Look into their insurance policies

Like what was mentioned earlier, dealing with concrete is not easy. Damages or accidents may occur. And with this, insurance plays a vital role. You should see to it that the company that you intend to hire has an insurance policy that will cover any damages. This will serve as a protection for you and your property or investment.

Ask for an estimate

The cost of service of the different companies may vary. So, it is advisable that you request a quote or estimate before you hire anyone. This way, you will be able to find a concrete contractor that fits your budget.

Testing Body Fat

Body fat refers to the fat content in your body as compared to the bones, water, organs, tendons, and muscles. To be healthy and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, you should lower the fat levels of your body to between twenty-five and thirty-one percent which is acceptable. It is advisable to measure your fat levels to know if you are healthy.

Ways of measuring your body fat

Chart comparisonwoman with blonde hair

The easiest way to know your body fat is by comparing yourself to a taken picture. If you are very keen while doing this, then you will be able to take an accurate measure of your body fat. You can seek the help of a friend to help if you do not seem to make an accurate estimation.

Use of fat callipers

Fat callipers are units that work by prompting you to pinch fat from your body with the fingers and measuring its thickness using a fat calliper. Callipers are of different types with others allowing you measure in one area and others require that you measure different areas. The callipers are calibrated to measure skin fold in millimetres, and the reading you get should be compared to chart readings. Callipers are cheap, and you can have one in your home. Despite being cheap, callipers usually give accurate results. It is advisable to use callipers that measure only a single test area.

Hydrostatic weighing

This gives the best standard of measuring body fat. To get an accurate figure, you need to get submerged in some special water tank. The logic is that since your muscles and bones are denser than water, you are bound to have more weight in water if you have low body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage is high, then you will be light in water. Blowing air out of the lungs before weighing yourself will help give accurate results.

DEXA scan

This iDEXA scanners dual energy X-ray and is another accurate way of testing your body fat. It determines fat distribution on parts of your body. This process involves the use of a scanner that has a low dosage of x rays so that you are not exposed to high levels of x rays. It can be done easily in hospitals to help you know your body fat.

There are various ways you can test your body fat thus you do not have a reason to worry about being unhealthy. Choose an affordable method and one that is easy to implement so that you do these tests easily and maintain a healthy body fat.

Fitness Tips For Netball Players

Athletics are among fittest and healthiest people on earth since they need to always be in form mentally, emotionally and physically to excel in the sport. Lack of physical fitness nay also lead to aches and injuries when playing and even after the game. Netball players equally need to fit to avoid injuries as well as excel in the game.

How to keep fit as a netball player

Work on speedplaying basketball

Speed is an essential skill when it comes playing netball. Every netball player needs to have great speed to the sprint to move the right position quickly and change the direction suddenly as well as jump up to intercept the
ball. This skill can be built by making plyometrics part of your training. Plyometrics includes leaping sideways and jumping over hurdles. You should also involve the exercise that focuses on sprinting explosively over short distances. Note that the quicker you are, the more power and leg strength. This training is referred to as fartlek type of training.

Boost balance and stability

Balance and stability are crucial in every aspect of defence and attack in a netball game. Whether you are a defender, who needs to lean in when guarding the ball or if you want to jump and switch positions faster, having core stability and balance are important. These will help in improving your game as well as help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Strengthening stability and balance can be done by doing exercise that involves strength on the chest, shoulders, and arms. You can also twist lunges while holding a dumbbell or medicine ball as part of your workout. Doing exercise by standing on wobble boards is another great way to improve your stability and balance.

Improve endurance

If woman runningyou desire to maintain the pace during a whole netball game, then
endurance is key. You can improve your endurance by building up and running continuously up to twenty minutes. Ensure you only slow down when you have to but afterwards, speed up and sprint. This training will make you an enduring player and thus a great netball player.

Practice makes perfect, and this is the case with fitness for netball player. You have to be consistent with your training and you will ensure fitness which is vital for you as a player.