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Fitness Tips For Netball Players

Athletics are among fittest and healthiest people on earth since they need to always be in form mentally, emotionally and physically to excel in the sport. Lack of physical fitness nay also lead to aches and injuries when playing and even after the game. Netball players equally need to fit to avoid injuries as well as excel in the game.

How to keep fit as a netball player

Work on speedplaying basketball

Speed is an essential skill when it comes playing netball. Every netball player needs to have great speed to the sprint to move the right position quickly and change the direction suddenly as well as jump up to intercept the
ball. This skill can be built by making plyometrics part of your training. Plyometrics includes leaping sideways and jumping over hurdles. You should also involve the exercise that focuses on sprinting explosively over short distances. Note that the quicker you are, the more power and leg strength. This training is referred to as fartlek type of training.

Boost balance and stability

Balance and stability are crucial in every aspect of defence and attack in a netball game. Whether you are a defender, who needs to lean in when guarding the ball or if you want to jump and switch positions faster, having core stability and balance are important. These will help in improving your game as well as help you avoid unnecessary injuries. Strengthening stability and balance can be done by doing exercise that involves strength on the chest, shoulders, and arms. You can also twist lunges while holding a dumbbell or medicine ball as part of your workout. Doing exercise by standing on wobble boards is another great way to improve your stability and balance.

Improve endurance

If woman runningyou desire to maintain the pace during a whole netball game, then
endurance is key. You can improve your endurance by building up and running continuously up to twenty minutes. Ensure you only slow down when you have to but afterwards, speed up and sprint. This training will make you an enduring player and thus a great netball player.

Practice makes perfect, and this is the case with fitness for netball player. You have to be consistent with your training and you will ensure fitness which is vital for you as a player.